A delegation from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) made up of the Director General of the Seafarers (DGGM), Juan Maltez and the Ambassador and Consul General of Panama in Greece, Julie Lymberopulos, visited the facilities of the renowned shipping company Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd., in order to seek job opportunities for our Panamanian seafarers and strengthen commercial ties with this important internationally prestigious shipping company.

In order to arrange this approach with the Senior Management of this company in Athens, Greece, several previous meetings had been held at the DGGM headquarters, in which Euronav from the outset showed its interest in increasing the contracted Panamanian staff.

“We must be ready, with all documents in order, since the shipping company will need more than 200 Panamanian officers and cadets, during the next 3 years. They also expressed their satisfaction with the work carried out by the approximately 200 (among cadets and officers), who are Panamanian seafarers currently working on their ships, as they are competent and very professional, which is why we are extremely proud, “said the Director of the DGGM, Juan Maltez at the end of the meeting.

These jobs will be managed through the DGGM Database, administered by the Department of Maritime Labor Affairs, which receives all the documentation of the applicant or seafarer requesting embarkment through the email laborintermediation@amp.gob Once the information meets the requirements, it will be provided to the shipping companies so that they can carry out the interview and selection process that they require.

During the meeting, topics were exchanged with the Euronav board, where the shipping company’s commitment to expand its ties through future agreements with the AMP was ratified, benefiting the Panamanian seafarers.

Euronav NV, together with its subsidiaries Euronav Ship Management SA and Euronav SAS, are in charge of managing the company’s fleet that is dedicated to the ocean transportation and storage of crude oil throughout the world. The company is positioned as a leader in the provision of this type of services, thanks to one of the most experienced crews in the sector, it also offers flotation, storage and unloading (FSO) services. As of April 1, 2021, it owned and operated a fleet of 77 ships.

In addition to this visit, audits were carried out at Maritime Training Centers (CFM) located in Piraeus, Greece. These inspections are carried out periodically to monitor the quality of the service that was delegated on behalf of the Panama Maritime Authority, in search of continuous improvement.

They were also at VIKING Safety Academy where they were proposed to be recognized as an authorized CFM, for which it was informed that the staff of the Maritime Training Department of the AMP would be in contact to send them all the requirements requested by the Panama Maritime Authority.

JULI 2021:



PANAMA—June 16, 2021—Panama has signed the Declaration of the Gulf of Guinea, a document calling for further action, through a wide range of collective efforts, to urgently put an end to piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and provide security for its seafarers.

The Declaration was drafted in response to growing concerns about attacks in the region. It has been signed by maritime industry organizations, including flag state administrations, shipowners, charterers and shipping associations.

Panama as a flag state and a country committed to the seafarers’ welfare on board its vessels, signed the commitment and joined the coalition to stop the threat posed by piracy to the maritime industry, through concrete actions such as:

• Supporting concretely anti-piracy law enforcement.
• Facilitating the implementation of effective onboard measures, within the region.
• Improving capabilities in the use of technology and exchange of relevant information among anti-piracy law enforcement agencies.
• Working to improve transparency among law enforcement agencies.

The issue of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has been a significant problem over the last decade. Therefore, the signatories of this declaration believe that the number of pirate attacks and attempted kidnappings of seafarers can be reduced by at least 80% by the end of 2023. The Panama Ship Registry always stands ready to support agreements and actions to ensure the protection of its fleet.